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Copywriting Services and Content Marketing Strategies

Are you overwhelmed thinking of ways to find new clients while still running your business? It’s okay. I'm here to help you. Corporate Writers provides effective writing services and content marketing strategies that bring you the customers your business needs so it can thrive.

Content Writers provides copywriting and content marketing strategies and services proven to get your organization the customers and clients it needs. 


Do you have difficulty connecting with your readers? I'm an expert in writing content that engages your target audience and turns them into solid leads. 

My copywriting and content marketing services establish you as an expert in your industry, set you apart from similar businesses and effectively engage your audience. I show how you solve your target customers' problems, highlight your value, and establish a solid relationship with your readers. 

Corporate Writers has helped clients in various sectors, including law, technology, agriculture, heavy industry and construction bring in new customers. 

If you want to tackle your content projects yourself, no problem. I offer training and consulting designed to help you and your colleagues feel confident and comfortable with your writing skills. 

Do you want a strategy to convert your social media followers into customers? I can build a social media plan and marketing strategy that drives followers to your website.

Do you put off writing your content marketing because you’re too busy running your business? I can plan, launch and implement an editorial calendar and provide you with regular, authoritative content specifically geared to your audience.

Do you need to update your website but don’t have the time to do it yourself? I've helped many companies, corporations and non-profit organizations revise their websites and revamp their marketing materials.

Are you worried that your content marketing is falling behind your competitors? I can conduct a competitive analysis and content audit to highlight your opportunities, making you stand out from the crowd.

Let Corporate Writers take care of all your copywriting and content marketing needs, so you can focus on your business.

I specialize in writing and content marketing related to: law, medical technology, B2B technology, finance, small business, agriculture and construction, but I'm happy to work with large and small businesses in all industries. I also work with marketing agencies to assist on their specialized projects. 


Let me know how I can help you with your copywriting and content marketing needs:


My copywriting & content marketing specializations 

I work with clients in a variety of industries and specialize in taking highly complex language and translating it into content that your target audience will understand. Among the highly technical clients I have worked with:

Law firms​ and legal industry clients in the US and Canada

My legal writing has helped law firms and legal organizations in the US and Canada build their reputation and attract clients. Corporate Writers has written for highly specialized, boutique legal practices and law firms with numerous practice areas and offices across the United States. I establish relationships with the lawyers I work with to ensure my law firm content accurately represents their brand and draws the attention of their target market. Corporate Writers can work with you on a long-term basis, a monthly basis, or as needed to provide highly effective content that gets you clients. 

Technology, construction, and heavy industry companies


My medical technology, B2B technology, construction, heavy industry and agriculture copywriting services showcase your business to its target audience and highlight how your products solve their problems. I ensure all messaging reflects your brand and your values and works to establish a connection with your audience, turning them from viewers to qualified leads and ultimately into customers. 

Marketing agencies

Corporate Writers also happily works with marketing agencies on projects requiring specialized knowledge and writing expertise that may fall outside the experience of their in-house staff, or that their staff is too busy to take on. I work with your marketing firm to develop a quote and work with your project manager, marketing team and clients to produce highly effective content. My work with marketing firms includes technology, agriculture, heavy industry, financial and small business copywriting. I have also been involved in branding and marketing consultation, providing input and guidance for brand development. 

Financial firms and small businesses

I have extensive experience writing website content, blog posts and small business advice articles that showcase financial firms and help small businesses thrive. Among the topics I've covered are small business procurement, financial institution consumer and small business products, government financial assistance, succession planning, purchasing investment properties and human resources tips. 

Interested in learning more about my copywriting and content marketing services?