Heidi Turner is the kind of writer who truly sets a higher standard. In the projects I've worked with Heidi on, she has established herself as a team leader, upheld a level of quality any client would be thrilled with, and never missed a deadline. 


Chloe Pettus, Editor,

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Marketing Firms

Providing quality content for your clients

Does your writing team need assistance on a specialized project? 

Corporate Writers is pleased to work with your marketing firm to provide specialized, high-quality content for your clients. We have extensive experience working with marketing agencies to supplement their writing teams, providing content in highly technical industries, including medical technology, agriculture and construction. 

Our work providing marketing firm client content includes developing website content, case studies, catalogue copy, brochure content, Facebook advertisements, sustainability reports and blog posts.


We have also been involved in branding and marketing consultation, providing input and guidance for brand development. 

We can be involved from the beginning, helping you develop a quote and a marketing strategy for your client or you can come to us with the information from the client after the project has begun. We work with you and your client as necessary to deliver content that reflects your exacting standards and meets your clients' needs. 

We have worked with marketing firms to help clients in the following industries: 




Medical technology

Real estate


If your writers are already busy with projects or your clients require more specialized writing experience, contact Corporate Writers to find out how we can help you.