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7 Ways Case Studies Help Your Technology Company

If you've ever considered having case studies written for your technology company but decided not to go ahead, now may be a good time to rethink that decision. Case studies are on the rise for a number of reasons: they're an effective part of an inbound marketing strategy, they provide important information for potential clients, and they work as a testimonial to the great work your company does.

So what is a case study? Simply put, a case study is a document that outlines a problem or goal one of your clients had, how your organization helped solve the problem or achieve that goal, and what the results of your collaboration were. They can be as long or as short as you like, provided you include all the relevant information.

Here are some examples of case studies from Google. If you don't include case studies as part of your marketing strategy, here are some great reasons to reconsider.

1. They pull (good) leads to your website

Investing in case studies is a great way to get new content on your website and pull potential customers to your organization. Because case studies are focused on your industry, you're not likely to get the attention of looky-loos. Instead, people who are actively researching your product or the type of problem you solve are likely to be drawn to your case study, making them more likely to become customers. Hubspot has some great ideas for using case studies for marketing.

Put the case study behind a form requiring an email address and now you have leads you can send to your sales/marketing department.

2. They provide proof your product works

A well-written case study presents a problem your product was designed to fix, then shows how your product fixed the problem and what the outcomes were. Rather than simply saying "Our technology increases efficiency by 94 percent" you can show an instance in which your technology dramatically increased an organization's efficiency. That builds credibility in the eyes of your audience.

3. They tell a story

Customers love a good story. It's so much easier to read facts and statistics when they come in the form of a story. Case studies—because they show a problem, solution, and results—share vital information about your product in an engaging way. This not only keeps your audience reading, it helps them build a relationship with your brand. Check out this Forbes article for more information about storytelling in marketing.

4. They have an excellent ROI

Off the top, case studies might seem like a huge financial investment (they can be $2,000 for a good case study) but they can be put on your website and used to qualify leads for months or even years—as long as the story remains relevant. Once the case study is posted, it's up—you don't have to pay for it again. And it will draw in potential customers 24 hours a day. Any time someone looks for information on your product or the problem you solve (whether early morning or late at night) they can find your case study, which means they can find you.

5. They lead to more content

If you have lots of happy customers whose stories you can share, you can write more case studies. Or you could take the lessons learned from one case study and develop blog posts, newsletter content, or other features. This will also pull more traffic to your website, and it will give your audience more opportunities to learn about your brand.

6. They provide a testimonial

If a company is willing to be highlighted for your case study, and willing to provide a quote for the case study about how happy they are or how your organization benefitted them, that sends a strong message to potential clients about your brand.

7. They give you insight into your customers

Of course you know about your customers and what they want, but the information you get by sitting down with a client to write a case study can give you more in-depth information about their challenges, needs, and frustrations. This, in turn, can help you better understand your buyer personas and help you further target your marketing efforts.

If you feel your marketing efforts could use a bit of a boost, or your content isn't pulling in as many good leads as you'd like, maybe it's time to invest in case studies to show the world what your organization can do.

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