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Compelling Website Content is Key to Your Law Firm's Success

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Gone are the days when people's first impressions of your law firm came from a phone book or a telephone call. Nowadays, the vast majority of people search for attorneys online. That means that for many people, their first impression of you and your law firm is your website.

Your website tells prospects everything they need to know to make a decision about whether to hire your firm: what your practice areas are, what you do better than anybody else, whether they should trust you, and even whether you're an authority on the topic they need legal representation for. By the time you meet with potential clients they already have a good idea of who you are and how likely they are to hire you as their attorney.

The content you include on your website can either pull people in or push them away. It should convince solid leads (those who are likely to hire you) to reach out to you.

That means you need a website that accurately represents your law firm and showcases your expertise, highlighting for potential clients why they should contact you for a meeting. Your website should grab their attention and establish your authority as a legal expert. It should provide them with valuable content that demonstrates your abilities.

What Your Law Firm Website Should Include

This means your law firm needs more than one or two pages to convert prospects into leads. At the minimum, your website should have:

  • An "About Us" page that tells visitors why your firm exists and what you do better than other attorneys

  • A "Practice Areas" page or menu that highlights your services

  • A page that lists your firm's mission or values

  • A bio page or section that highlights every attorney's areas of expertise and specializations

  • A section (or sections) for client testimonials

  • A blog about current topics in the legal areas you cover

  • A form submission on every page that allows potential clients to easily contact you

Your law firm's website content can also include an FAQ, case studies about your successful results, and campaign pages for individual campaigns.

Each of these pages is a chance to establish your credibility and build a relationship with potential clients. They also help increase your Google ranking, so when potential clients search for law firms in your area, you're among one of the first results.

Things to Consider When Writing Law Firm Website Content

There are three main stages to consider when planning your website content: the search stage--you want your website to rank high in the search engine results so prospects easily find you before they find your competition; the research stage--when clients read your site and research which law firms to contact; and the decision-making stage--when clients decide they know enough about you and feel comfortable filling out your contact form to set up a meeting.

Each of these stages relies on your law firm's website having engaging, compelling content that establishes and builds a relationship with the prospect.

So what should you consider when writing your content?

SEO: Your website content should incorporate search engine optimization (SEO), including keywords, links and metadata. What search terms are your potential clients likely to use to find an attorney? This varies by practice area. This might include the practice area, the specific campaign, your local area, or questions that are frequently asked about your particular area of law. Your site should not be too keyword heavy, however. It should be written as though you are talking to a human, so the sentences should flow naturally. It should also include internal and external links to respected sources.

Evergreen content: Some pages on your site will stay up for a long time. They should be written so they don't sound dated. That means they need to have evergreen content: legal content that stays fresh even if the page isn't updated regularly. Your website visitors shouldn't think your pages were written five years ago.

Your brand: Your law firm has a brand, whether you intend it to or not. Is your brand friendly? Formal? Informal? Aggressive? Assertive? Authoritative? What image and style do you want your website to portray? (hint: it should fit you and your practice areas.) What tone or voice would potential clients expect from you? These should all be projected on your website and in your law firm content.

Your client personas: Who are you marketing your law firm to? Who is the target market for each of your service areas? What are their needs? What are their pain points? What will they respond well to? What motivates them? What do they need to know to make a decision? How are they likely to find you? Are most of your clients referrals? The people most likely to file a hip replacement lawsuit generally have a different profile than those seeking a criminal defense attorney for white collar crime. You should have a client persona for each of your practice areas so you know who you're marketing to and how to reach them.

Fresh content: A static website with evergreen legal content is a good start, but adding fresh content to your site further establishes your credibility, allows you to speak on current news or trends related to the law and further improves your search engine ranking. Prospects want to see an attorney website that is up-to-date and has current information. You can do this by maintaining a blog, adding to campaign pages, creating new campaign pages, and posting news releases to your site.

Building a legal website with high-quality content that converts visitors into leads takes planning and dedication. As an attorney, you're likely already incredibly busy running your law firm and navigating the law. That's where Corporate Writers comes in.

We help small and large law firms across the United States and Canada improve their websites, increase their Google rankings and elevate their brand through superior, compelling content. With more than a decade of experience in legal marketing, we have the expertise and understanding of your needs to help you maximize your leads.

Contact us today for an audit of your website and to get started on your legal content marketing plan.

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