• Heidi Turner

Why You Need to Continue Your Law Firm Content Marketing During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a drastic effect on the legal industry. Within a very short time, law firms have had to revise their business strategies and processes, and adjust so they can still address their clients' needs without meeting in person. Although some law firms are cutting their marketing so they aren't seen as opportunistic during this time, lawyers have a lot of important information that should be communicated during these times.

Rather than being callous, law firm content marketing during the pandemic can provide an important service if your content is thoughtful and compassionate to people's needs and anxieties.

Content marketing answers people's questions

Many people think content marketing is just about selling your business, but that's not the full story. Content marketing is about building relationships—and trust—with your target clients. One of the ways you do this is by publishing helpful, practical information that reassures readers and answers their questions, especially when they are in a time of uncertainty.

In a pandemic your law firm must be sensitive to the social climate. You can't be seen to be taking advantage of a terrible situation. But people still have legal issues that need sorting out. Contracts still must be signed and followed through on. Employees may have disputes with employers over how they're treated, or employers might wonder about how employment law affects their business during this time. Parents might ask if it's they can still write or change their wills. Individuals will still suffer personal injuries during this time that may require your law firm's expertise.

You can provide a public service by issuing information that is helpful to people experiencing legal issues during this time. They might be confused about what they can or can't do with courthouses closed and lawyers working from home. You can reassure them that although it isn't business as usual from an office, you are still available to answer questions and help them with their legal needs.

How do I produce thoughtful content during this crisis?

Ask yourself what worries keep your ideal clients up at night and answer those questions with practical, useful advice. Do they have questions about how COVID-19 affects the statute of limitations? How the impending sale of their house is affected? If their custody agreement is still enforceable?

People's legal troubles and questions don't stop because of COVID-19. Your content can let current and future clients know how you can help them today, or just put their mind at ease that there are answers to their questions.

You just need to do it in a sensitive way. Recognize the uncertainty they feel. Address their anxieties about how COVID-19 affects their situation. Acknowledge that the answers to their questions may not be straightforward but you will help them sort it out.

Be prepared for life after COVID-19

Eventually, the quarantine period will be lifted. If you've stopped your content marketing during this time, you'll find yourself back at square one, rebuilding relationships with potential clients. You'll have to do all this while also determining how your legal practice will function after quarantine and possibly making up lost income. That's a lot to take on at once.

Effective content marketing takes time. It takes a while to build up your results and develop relationships with potential clients. If you lose that during the quarantine period, you'll have to invest additional time and money into rebuilding relationships and re-energizing your marketing.

Instead of halting your content marketing, now is a good time to examine your law firm's content marketing strategy and determine if it's effective and if it helps the people who need your assistance. Explore ways to adjust your marketing to focus less on obtaining business and more on answering the pressing questions your target audience has. If you don't have a strategy, consider putting one in place so that by the time the quarantine is lifted you've already developed solid, effective practices.

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