• Mia Duong

What Your Website Tells Visitors About Your Law Firm

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

In today’s increasingly digital world, your website is often a potential client's first impression of your law firm. It gives viewers important information about who you are, what you do and what makes you stand out. You need your site to tell your viewers everything they need to know about your law firm so they can make the decision to hire you.

First impressions of your law firm's website are vital, especially in the highly competitive legal world. Since modern consumers are constantly bombarded with information, they tend to have short attention spans. If your website doesn't grab your viewers' attention quickly and establish a connection, they’re likely to leave your site without reaching out for more information.

Here's what a good legal practice website highlights about your law firm:

Your Expertise

A good website should clearly display your legal practice's services and expertise. Readers should have a clear idea of what your specialites are and what makes you stand out from other lawyers with similar practices. You don’t want potential clients landing on your site and feeling confused about what you do or whether you have the experience they need.

Make sure your website pages are consistent in establishing your expertise. Don't just tell readers what you do, show them. Highlight important victories, answer their questions and engage your viewers with your blog content. Get their attention, build a connection and encourage them to reach out to you to find out more.

Including a call-to-action on every page can increase the number of leads generated (also known as the conversion rate). Decide what you would like your visitors to do and create a corresponding call-to-action. For example, put “Find out more about our legal services” if you want them to see what your law firm offers.

Your Credibility

When browsing a website, customers subconsciously look for indications of your business performance.

The quality of your law firm’s website reflects your credibility and professionalism. If your site is difficult to navigate or has not been updated recently, visitors may see you as unprofessional. Viewers like recent, relevant content that is engaging and easy to navigate.

Visitors rely on reviews from similar people to help them make purchasing decisions. Including testimonials from previous clients establishes a solid base for building trust with potential clients. Once you've determined your target audience, you can get testimonials from previous clients who fit that persona.

Make sure your site has a contact form for private messages. Having the contact form accessible also increases your leads, as customers feel more encouraged to contact you, and are more likely to do so if it's an easy process. Just make sure you’re responsive and reply to their request within 48 business hours.

Your Brand Identity

Just like human beings, your website has its own personality, which should be based on your law firm's brand. The style, design and language used on your law firm’s website contribute to how visitors view you, which means they should be consistent with the brand you would like to reflect. When developing your website, think carefully about how you would like to portray your business.

If your target audience expects your law firm to be quite formal, use formal language. If your law firm focuses on a business audience, you may use more appropriate business language. Just make sure that the brand identity reflects you as well. Clients respond to authenticity, and if you choose a brand that doesn't fit with your personality they won't think you're genuine and you'll feel uncomfortable.

Make sure there are no spelling errors. Though not every viewer is concerned about proper spelling and grammar, those who are will see your law firm as unprofessional and will doubt your credibility if there are too many errors.

Remember, even if you don't think your law firm website has a brand, it does. The language, content focus and design you choose tells viewers a lot about you and your brand. Make sure your website sends exactly the message you want it to send to your target audience.

Understand User Experience

For today’s websites, it’s all about user experience (often shortened to UX). You may have outstanding products and services, but if your website cannot provide an optimal experience for users, leads cannot be effectively converted into real customers. Ensure your home page is clean, well-designed and easy to navigate. A search bar will save users’ extra efforts, especially if your site has a great amount of information. Calls-to-action are great but try not to confuse users with too many. Last but not least, make sure your law firm’s website is responsive to mobile and other screen sizes. We all know how frequently we now use our phones to search for companies or products, or just find out information.


With more and more legal practices going digital, your law firm’s website allows customers to find you online and represents your practice. It's important to create an optimal experience for users and stand out from competitors.

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