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Following Heidi's workshop on media releases, our staff was able to produce effective releases that were well-received and got much better results. Our media presence definitely increased as a direct result of Heidi's training.


Rachel Blaney, Executive Director

Immigrant Welcome Centre

Let my expertise work for you

Trying to find the right words to explain your company's technology? Your customers can't buy what they don't understand, but knowing how to describe your innovative solutions to your clients can be overwhelming. Corporate Writers specializes in taking highly technical language and ensuring it's understandable for your company's target market.

Here is a sample of the technical language and technology content marketing I've simplified for audiences:

  • B2B productivity software
  • B2B project management software

  • Stem cell treatments

  • Supply chain management

  • Procurement applications

  • Construction-site heating and cooling processes

  • Sustainability data

  • Drill stem testing equipment and processes

  • Mining technology

  • Dairy industry by-product processes

  • Use of insects in sustainable animal feed

I've helped technology companies build their brand, establish their expertise and grow their customer baseMy technology writing and content marketing can help you, too.

I work with you to identify your target audience and their needs and combine those with your goals to provide technology content writing that is relevant and engaging. Through it all, I ensure the writing reflects your brand and establishes your expertise, so potential customers see you as an authority in your industry and understand how innovative and incredible your products or services are. 

I offer

  • B2B technology writing

  • Medical technology writing

  • Small business technology writing

  • Heavy industry technology writing

  • Construction technology writing

Corporate Writers provides freelance technology writing services including: website content, sell sheets, case studies, blog posts, articles, press releases, and company information for highly technical organizations. I also offer content marketing strategies to further build your brand and enhance your reputation.